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Danny read an e-mail with a sigh. It was from Tucker, telling about how awsome it was in Hawaii. Tucker's Dad was going to Hawaii on a business trip and had invited Mrs. Foley and Tucker along last week. He had only been in Hawaii for a week, but Danny couldn't help but envy his friend just a little. He clicked out of his e-mail when an IM box appeared. Danny smiled at the purple text on the screen.
GothGurl3: Hey Danny, whats up?

DFenton: Not much, you?

Danny wrote back in green.

GothGurl3: nothin, r u gonna tell your parents about phantom?

DFenton: I don’t know, do u think I should?

GothGurl3: They’re gonna find out sooner or later, it should be at least because u tell them

DFenton: I guess, when though?

GothGurl3: y not now?

DFenton: well I guess I could…

GothGurl3: but?

DFenton: nothing, other then the possibility that they try to rip me apart molecule by molecule, and I’ll never c u again!!!

GothGurl3: don’t b silly, if your parents don’t except u then you can still come by and c me anywayz

DFenton: thanks Sam, that’s helpful

GothGurl3: u know what I mean

DFenton: I know, but I've seen my future without you guys.And I really don't want it to happen

As Danny sent the response, Jack Fenton called down the stairs.

“Danny, your mother and I are going to the grocery store with your sister, you coming?”

Danny turned from the computer. “No thanks Dad.” he yelled back up the stairs.

“Alright Son, we’ll be back in a few hours.” Danny heard the door shut as the three older Fenton’s left through the front door. He turned back to the computer and saw that Sam had replied.

GothGurl3: u have a good point, but if u tell them, then maybe you won't turn evil, u need 2 tell your parents soon, if u don’t then they might find out when its 2 late, what if u get hurt?

DFenton: sam, I’ve fought pariah dark, fright knight, vlad, skulker, ember, technus, freakshow, the guys in white, the list goes on. Nothing bad has happened

GothGurl3: yet danny

DFenton: fine, ill tell them in a few hours

GothGurl3: few hours?

DFenton: they went shopping with jazz just now…

DFenton: actually, will u b here when I tell them, it might help some

GothGurl3: sure danny, just give me a time.

Danny was about to type back when his computer screen went completely black.

“What the heck?” said Danny annoyed, he pressed ctrl, alt, delete at once but nothing happened. He tried the power button but with no avail. Then, words began appearing on the screen.

‘Danny, come here.’

Danny looked at the words for a moment before typing on the keyboard. 'Sam?' still nothing.

“Technus, is that you, get out of my computer.” said Danny angrily.

The computer screen flashed and new words appeared.

‘I’m not a ghost Danny, I’m a human like you are. Or should I say, like you were?’

Danny stared at the screen slightly confused. The screen flashed with new words.

‘Danny Fenton, Danny Phantom?’

Danny gasped quietly. Whoever this person is, they knew his secret.
Hey everyone, here's DP:Unplugged in celabration for Phantom Day! Today, Danny Phantom aired for the first time 3 years ago so this is part of how I'm celabrating. Happy Phantom Day everyone!!!

Disclaimer: ...sniff I don't own The Matrix, and I don't own Danny Phantom, Nick does... BUT THEY DON'T DESEREVE DANNY, THEY CANCELLED HIM. FLY PHANTOM, FLY! ... Uh, yeah, anyways... R&R please!
Ch. 2- [link]
Chibi-Danny Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008
Cool!!! Who is this person?
awren Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008
:jawdrop: no, dun dun DUNNNNN!

on to ch. 2! :D
Sanne-chan Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2007
“Technus, is that you, get out of my computer.”

I can SO see that happening! Something about that line cracked me up :XD:
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